Alexandre Godin

Alexandre Godin

Ergonomist & Technologist at Airbus Emerging Technologies and Concepts

Alexandre Godin is part of an Airbus upstream research team, focused on emerging technologies and their application in aeronautics.

Leading Airbus activities on emerging augmented and virtual reality technologies, he mainly bases his work on rapid prototyping methods with rapid iteration cycles. Trained in bio-engineering and ergonomics, he before used to lead human machine interface developments at the Airbus innovation cell.

Trained in bio-engineering and ergonomics, I aim at using this knowledge, skills and tools in the high tech industry, especially in the area augmented/virtual reality and human machine interfaces.

My wish is to build interfaces of tomorrow, based on a human/user centered approach and emphasizing user experience. Being able to quickly experiment, evaluate, capture knowledge and acquire experience is a key element to bring value to system designs.

My multidisciplinary approach based on Human Movement Sciences, added to my engineer skills, bring a global view and an open-mindset to the company. It ease the link between key domains usually intrinsically separated as could be engineering and human sciences. I transcript it into my daily work through a good team spirit, organisation skills and rigor.

I am sensitive to other domains as health, design and graphics arts in general that I consider as significant and complementary inputs to my technical skills.

Wishing to continuously develop my knowledge, personal or professional, I like to take up challenges and to share my experiences within a team to the benefit of all.