Shanghai Congress 2019 : Arts et Métiers leads the way

The Arts & Métiers Congress happens every two years in France or abroad and is organized by the Arts & Métiers alumni community, a 34,000-graduate strong network.

Promoting the next industrial revolution in the world’s most industrualized and fastest growing economy: China.
Arts et Métiers leads the way

A first step into a world-scale revolution

The Arts et Métiers Congress is a theme-focused event taking place every two years and organized by the Arts et Métiers Engineering Institute Alumni Association. In 2019 the Congress will explore Industry 4.0, featuring major world actors.
The event will take place in Shanghai allowing companies from around the world to make contact with the biggest European alumni network along with its Chinese partners. Conferences will be held by representatives of the world’s top Industrial groups, as well as by major exponents in the field of scientific research. Moreover, business friendly meetings throughout the event will allow for the participants to extend their network in the world’s fastest growing economy and take part in the Made in China 2025 revolution.

Join a strong and diverse network of stakeholders

Arts et Métiers leads the way towards the progress of industry. The Arts et Métiers Alumni network comprehends 1000 engineers currently working in China and partnerships with China’s best Universities including Tsinghua, Beihang and Shanghai Jiaotong. Join us to benefit from one of the strongest, most diversified and internationally active networks in the field of engineering and industrial research.

Arts et Métiers Engineers in China


The 2019 edition has been extended to a full week-long event. It will occur in Shanghai, bringing together around 500 participants, visitors and exponents: industry leaders, managers from every domain, engineers, recognized experts in technological research.

Detailed week

Learning Expeditions

Be fast-forwarded in the Chinese business world.

Cluster Arts & Métiers

Participate to the inoguration of the Franco-Chinese Cluster between Arts & Métiers and its academic and business partners.

Arts & Métiers Congress

Talks, round tables, and networking during the first day. Visits and local academic and industrial stakeholders presentations on the second.



The 2015 edition of the Arts et Métiers Congress happened in Angers, western France. Its central theme was “Fulfilling the World’s energy needs in the upcoming economy”.


The 2013 edition of the Arts et Métiers Congress happened in Bordeaux. Its central theme was “Research and Industry: how engineers are shaping the economy”.


The 2017 edition of the Arts et Métiers Congress happened in Grenoble. Its central theme was “Dare Innovation, Dare Entrepreneurship”.

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